What impacts does pop culture have on society today?

It affects them cognitively (how they think), emotionally (how they feel) and behaviourally (what they do). Teens are growing every day and popular culture helps shape them. They are affected by almost every aspect of life that surrounds them, from television and film to literature, music and even sports. Pop culture affects society in many ways.

The first and most rudimentary effect of pop culture is how it builds and strengthens interactions with people who also like the same things. Events to celebrate pop culture, such as Comic-Con, help foster ties between people from different backgrounds. Pop culture thus acts as a unifying agent for young people around the world. As Shreyash, a BITS student, says: “It's incredible to see people deceive themselves at Comic-Con.

Pixie, a Liberal Arts student from Delhi, says: “The Comic-Con helped me make friends and gave me more topics to talk about in social settings. Mukund, the manager of Blossoms, a Bangalore bookstore, talks about his observations about people who engage in intense discussions based on a comic book or book, especially something like Game of Thrones, which is quite current. He says he has also seen people recommend different books to each other and make friends. Pop culture informs how people make sense of the world.

It reveals what society believes about itself, but it can also be used as an instrument to effect social change. Pop culture affects society every day, but it especially affects young people. The popularity of trends is increasing rapidly and new trends are emerging all the time, affecting adolescents to a large extent. I am a teenager and I would say that it affects us in almost everything that surrounds us in our lives, such as the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the things we buy, the movies we watch and the books we read (from time to time).

There is a limit to what we can grow physically, but mentally, the opportunities for growth are endless. On a personal level, pop culture has made it possible for the younger generation to grow inside. It has made people more accepting of the otherness of different communities and the complexities of genres that used to remain in the shadows. With the advent of social media, it has become easier to spread culture around the world, transforming the world into a global society.

Sometimes I only buy things or put on certain clothes because of famous people I know and like, and that's how pop culture affects me. Nowadays, pop culture is very important, it impacts society and is intimately related to mass communication. McEvoy-Levy began to consider pop culture as a way to talk to his students about peace studies and involve them in topics that they might not have first-hand experience with. According to McEvoy-Levy, much of the well-known pop culture promotes militarism as a way to build peace.

In fact, pop culture has influenced food so much that there is a site that has recipes exclusively for dishes inspired by popular books. Pop culture makes a great contribution to advertisements, if there is someone well-known there it will attract people's attention because there is a popular person whom you may have seen a lot of times and will make you interested in the commercial. So, while pop culture drove us into a frenzy of consumerism, it also rescued the best in us, giving them a better chance to expand and express themselves. It is largely attributed to pop culture that the current generation is more tolerant, dynamic and speaks openly about injustice and problems affecting society.

As Pixie and his friends said, pop culture icons even influence them on stage when playing a character because they tend to establish similarities between the two characters. On a much deeper level, these references to pop culture nudged us in a direction that was previously unspoiled. On the other hand, which is the trending side of pop culture, actors find it easier to connect with their audience by studying the influences of pop icons in the crowd. .