Is tiktok pop culture?

TikTok trends are spreading like wildfire and are starting to have a big impact on our pop culture. We already know that, ever since social networks began to become popular, they were going to have a great influence on our world. TikTok has been very effective in setting trends. In the fashion and cosmetics industries, for example, it had an undeniable effect on what people use and buy.

Some of the products that sold out everywhere after going viral on TikTok are Amazon leggings that lift buttocks, Girlfriend Collective bras, L'Oréal telescopic mask and Revolution Pro face base. We all know it and we all, even if we want to admit it, we love it. TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social apps we use on a daily basis, largely due to its ease of identification and its ingenious “For You” page feature. The app is dangerously entertaining, but how big is TikTok and what impact has it had on pop culture? Tik Tok is an emerging cultural form in popular culture.

By analyzing the behavior of Tik Tok users, this article explores the motivation of user behavior as a participant in popular culture and builds self-identity, group identity and the cultural identity of user behavior. Content that has gone viral is something that has been widely shared on social networks and the Web, which has created some hype, has been introduced to pop culture and vice versa. Some examples of brands that hired TikTokers to appear in their campaigns are Louis Vuitton and Prada. With TikTok, recruiting new brand followers seems like a (a little) easier task, as long as the brand is able to address pop culture trends, in accordance with brand values, and use them positively for advertising.

A big difference in the way audiences view content on TikTok compared to other social media platforms is its algorithm. The videos you like determine the content you see, and every once in a while, something new pops up that you can explore. Second, it is essential to ensure that the reference to pop culture is completely clear to whoever writes the ad to avoid any misuse of a trend. Popular sounds usually generate trends in the application that become increasingly intelligent as the trend progresses.

TikToks often use songs by popular artists that go viral, creating a big impact on the music industry. Like other networking sites that can accumulate millions of users, TikTok has helped a lot to raise awareness on key issues such as racism and homophobia, especially among its younger users. With its enormous global reach, TikTok offers a new set of tools for marketers to expand into the field of digital content, allowing brands and consumers to use it freely. On TikTok, users view content based on their interests and the things they interact with, rather than seeing only the content of the profiles they've followed (apart from ads, of course).

In addition to publicizing these products, TikTok also influenced buying behavior by “offering the fashion industry a whole new way to show its art and personality,” according to Kudzi Chikumbu, director of the TikTok creator community.

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