Is facebook part of popular culture?

Facebook is an artifact of popular culture that brings power and skill to different aspects of the world, such as race, society, gender, popularity and much more. It is all around us due to new technologies and is constantly growing. In ten years, Facebook has constantly changed the cultural paradigm. Given the site's extraordinary popularity, it's safe to assume that its impact will only be felt even more in the next decade.

With more than 60 percent of Facebook users in some kind of relationship, there's a lot of “active waiting” to be done. Meanwhile, Sony was preparing its plans to make The Social Network, a film that would reveal the controversial founding of Facebook and that was based on a script that appeared on the much vaunted Black List of Hollywood's best unproduced screenplays of the year. With the arrival of Facebook, a bit of privacy died, especially in the context of romantic relationships. The social network follows the young Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, through the creation of the site and the influence it has on its business partners.

This interest in information technology has created careers for many people and Facebook is many of the job opportunities. And so, the year ends as it began, with Facebook at the epicenter of the universe of pop culture. The producers of the film and Facebook have been arguing in the media about the accuracy of the film's image of the creation of the social network at Harvard in 2004, including accusations that Zuckerberg stole the idea from his classmates and ruined one of its founding members. Couples who wander through uncertainty choose to label their shared understanding of the relationship as “complicated”, out of fear of the consequences of becoming Facebook officers.

It's undeniable that Facebook has changed the way millions of people interact with each other online and offline. Privacy issues have been circulating around the social media platform since its debut a decade ago, but those concerns have only grown in conjunction with the site's growing popularity. Those restrictions do little to limit the use of Facebook outside of class, but teachers do their best to keep students focused and learn in the classroom. From an impromptu concert by one of the biggest names in hip-hop to a movie that has swept the awards circuit and beyond, Facebook continued to appear time and again in the entertainment conversation of the day.

And don't forget Facebook's role in the short-lived icing tradition, in which young drinkers photographed their friends crushing Smirnoff ice and then posted photos on their pages. However, all this promotion of pop culture could not silence the incessant criticism of Facebook's allegedly lax attitude when it comes to maintaining the privacy of its users' personal information.